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Once in the bedroom my answer became painfully clear as the three of them lay on the bed naked in a tangle of black and white. Amber's huge ass was in...the air as she knelt on all fours and Paul pounded her from behind, while Devon lay with legs spread and Amber licking her pussy furiously. When they saw me enter they all stopped in mid stroke and looked at me and began laughing. ?Look at your lips!? Amber said, and went back to licking Devon's pussy. I looked in the mirror and to my horror saw. I hope looking at us gets them hard.”“I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about that.” Jan said with a naughty giggle.Finished with our beers, the five of us went into the water and began batting the volleyball around. “Hey, can we join you?” One of the boys asked us.I figured Susan would brush them off, but instead, she asked us, “What do you think, girls? Should we let them join us?”I spoke up, “Sure. The more the merrier.”Within seconds, the boys were batting the ball around with us.. Remember that.” She said smiling at me before leaning over and starting the best good morning kiss I had ever received in my life. It was just moments into this kiss when I could feel my anatomy responding to the sudden influx of emotions and stimulation. It was rising to the occasion when there was a soft knock on the door and it cracked open a bit. My hands instinctively covered myself or tried as Sam’s head poked through the open door and looked our way. “Hey you two bunnies… up and. ’ ‘It’s just this.’ Audrey’s lower lip trembled a bit. ‘I want very much to have a relationship with you. I want it to be more than just being what we are now. I want to have it tonight.’ Paul had anticipated her plea, but he didn’t expect her to make it so directly. He should have, he told himself. Her courage was one of her traits that he admired so much. ‘Audrey,’ he answered, ‘you know that once would never be enough, at least for me.’ ‘That would suit me fine.’ she declared. ‘Would it?’.

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