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Drama looked stunned, but in truth she had meant what she had said. There were some tears but she never was really ready to accept that I wasn't do things her way.I have no idea why I got the idea about requiring her to obey, other than she had been so willful and obstinate, it was my way of pointing out to her and to Jun why I was going to accept Jun and leave Drama.I had never asked for a submissive before and did not see myself as a Master. But, at that moment, it was the right. . ? Oh, Anna ... it will be soon, I promise, OK? You have been very patient, and I promise sometime in the next three days. Is that all right with you, sweetie?”“Sure thing! Even if I couldn’t, I would never tell anybody. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble. Can I at least get a sloppy kiss from you?”That made me laugh, but she was serious, so I took a few fingers and turned her face to mine by touching her chin. Her eyes were closed already, and I saw Jenn watching us. She didn’t seem to. Her feet are no different. The perfect foot to me has high arches, straight toes, wrinkled soles, and smooth skin. I have always had fantasies about worshipping a lovely pair of feet and receiving a footjob from them. The main fantasy I wish to live out begins with my woman (or any woman for that fact) coming home after being on her feet for an extensive period of time. Her feet ache and may be sweaty from the shoes she was wearing. She sits down, kicks off her shoes, then lays her feet across. I saw my three attackers coming towards the school and turned to re-enter, but the doors locked as I exited. I quickly ran to another door, it too was locked, quickly I ran the length of the building to the far end. Thankfully the door was unlocked, I scampered in and tried to pull the door close. It would not lock, IK could see Charlie and Bruce as they rounded the corner. I stashed my books behind the radiator and took the stairs three at a time. I heard the door open and Bruce and Charlie.

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