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“I hoped you were a cross dresser too when I saw your bra through your top”. He said.“Are you dressed now?” I asked already knowing about the ...tockings and suspenders>“Um yes stockings, suspenders, panties and a bra”. He replied.“Can I see?” I asked. “Is it safe, you are not expecting anybody are you? He asked.“Perfectly safe, and only another girl who shares our likeness for feminine finery about 6pm” I replied.With that said he stood up and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off revealing a. Abby was telling me that you can find discount drugs on the internet.”“We’ll have to check that out,” Bev said.“I think we’re going to have to get rid of one of our cars,” Laura said. It wasn’t so much the cost of operating the second car that was killing their budget, it was the insurance.“That’s actually a good idea. My insurance dropped more than sixty dollars a month when I stopped coverage on my second car,” Bev said.“Sixty dollars a month is a good bit of change,” Laura said.Bev said,. " He then put a gag ball in her mouth and tied it behind her head. He hooked a spreader bar between her ankles with her legs spread wide. He tied a rope around her neck and looped it around a hook in the ceiling. He tightened it so she was standing on her toes. He smiled and told her "Now that is perfect. Are you ready for a good spanking tonight? You are such a nasty whore I have to punish you before I fuck you." He then took a riding crop out and went behind her and looked at her already. "Ride me," he whispered as I grabbed his shoulders and started bouncing on his dick. It was starting to feel really good and his hands guided my hips as he made faces letting me know how good it felt. More people entered the changing room and I stopped riding. Jeff grabbed under my legs and stood up with me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Keep quiet," he whispered as he started humping me slowly while standing up. I pressed my mouth on his shoulder to prevent sound from escaping as I.

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