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My eyes fell upon my breasts, than God nature had been kind to me, even now in my advancing years of mid thirties, I could still compete with my teena...e daughter, firm and tip-tilted, making my erect nipples still point skyward, another surge of heat from my loins, God I needed to get ready, 'Enough', my mind screamed, surely I would have a God almighty orgasm if I kept this up for much longer. I shaved using a wet razor, 'Clean as a wet whistle' I followed the curvature as it disappeared. ”I was totally humiliated and I knew I would have to tell him. “I’ve sucked a couple of black guys that know my family.”“What do you mean they know your family.”“Isn’t it enough that I told you that?”“NO IT ISNT, so tell me what you mean.”“My mother and father have a few black friends that visit us occasionally.”“Oh yeah and how is it that you end up sucking their cocks?”“Can’t you just let me go, I’ll come back and suck you anytime you want me too.”“Listen boy, you’re going to do that anyway. She got a small twitch out of his cock but on the whole, it stayed long and soft. Carol then got on her knees and lathered up his muscular legs. I saw her turn him around and she started on his shoulders and expertly massaged his muscles. Next, she got to his ass. She gripped each cheek and then massaged them with circular motions, slyly poking his ass hole with her fingers. This got a reaction from John. He pushed back on her fingers and put his hands on the shower wall to bend over,. When Robbie returned and resumed his seat on the couch, now it was Kat who asked if it would be all right to sit on his lap. "Sure, Beautiful Girl. Come on up here." He had her straddle his legs, facing forward so that she could lean back into his chest while watching the movie. He gently caressed her arms with his hands, feeling the goose bumps quickly raised on her skin."Are you chilly?" "Oh no, not at all. That just feels so nice!" Kat explained, "I never ever get to sit on my daddy's lap.".

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