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Nobody,but nobody suspected a thing, and I never got to do it again, she wouldhave become suspicious in a heartbeat.Unfortunately, a few years later w... got divorced. Nothing dramatic, wejust got tired. We?re still friends, and do a lot with the kids, wejust couldn?t stay together. With our daughter married and living inDelaware, we both moved into the state, maybe 20 miles apart. Separateapartments of course. Finally!I began acquiring some clothing and other things. I started growing. Lunch went on to dinner and by 8ish we were pretty drunk. We were talking about spicing up our sex life and how we could do it. I admitted to my husband that I had never been to a strip club. That was like waving a red rag to a bull. So, of course, off we went. To be honest I thought it was on the tacky side but happy enough to hang around. Now I know what a lap dance is, even thought gh I’ve never seen one other than in a movie. I asked my husband if he had ever had one and was pretty. We showed Mrs. O'Neill around the Otherworld that morning and even took her out through the main entrance so she could see a part of western Ireland from Kesh Corran.Later that afternoon, we changed into the wedding clothes that we had brought with us. Annie and Sara looked fabulous in their light blue wedding dresses while Sean and I wore our best suits. As sundown approached our family came to escort us to the grove for the marriage ceremony. We were very surprised at the numbers of people. Firstly who's bed was this, where abouts was this bed and how had I gotten here. There was a clock beside the bed flashing 5:30 with a goulish greeny glow. Then above the noise of my thumping heart I could hear a shower running. I flung back the covers to discover I was not only in a strange bed but I was here naked. The adrenalin jolt from that discovery pushed back the hangover and with a quick visual search I located my bra.Standing in the middle of a strange room clad in only a bra made me.

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