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Her tentacles uncoiled from their locations within her womb and began to rub and caress Tes's cheeks. Tes inserted two of her fingers into Tani's shea...h feeling the warmth and wetness within. She stroked Tani from inside and it was not long before her stimulus brought Tani to a strong climax.When the fires of climax had run their course, Tani panted, "Your turn Tes dear."Tes kissed Tani on the stomach and then laid her cheek on it feeling the soft belly skin against it and the up and down. It hits you for the third time and againyou jump, the shockwaves of the blow travelling across your inflamed flesh, andyou squeal in dismay, your big breasts swinging free as your shoulders heaveuncontrollably, and you breath a deep, shuddering breath; you clamp your mouthshut as the used oxygen hisses out between your clenched teeth. I am lost in myadmiration of your strength and your character and your determination not toscream, not to jump up, not to disappoint me. I realise that I am in. ."I check my phone but nothing ever comes. I get up around two and decide to get dressed. I stare out the window for a bit untill I see the mail truck passing by. I get up and go outside, as I walk out towards our mailbox I see Jessica. I turn around and head back to the house, praying she won't see me. I stride across the lawn when I hear it. "Hey Jen!"Jessica runs up behind me and grabs my arm. "Oh hey Jessica...."I look down wishing she won't bring up yesterday. "Hey umm Jen can you come. “Move quickly,” one of them barked. Tamara and Erol shuffled through the gate and heard it close behind them with a heavy clang.Inside the compound, the buildings were as nondescript as the uniforms. Few others could be seen moving around what was four or five large, beige, one-story structures, small windows covered inside each by dark curtains. They were directed into the closest one and all but pushed into seats in a bland room. Four of the men stayed inside the room with them, standing.

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