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Derrick swallowed his amusement quickly, "welcome esteemed guests. I hope that the meal that has been prepared meets your approval."An aide of Kandra'... moved forward to taste as many of the dishes as he could. When the aides eyes went wide as he almost moaned out in pleasure at the taste.Kandra smiled a huge toothy smile as he gestured to all of the Delcron party as they took their seats. He then took a closer look at he food that was before him, his own eyebrows raised in surprise."I have to. Again, I'll treat a child you bear as if it was my own. And if you're a glutton for punishment, you can have one of each at the same time; we can start a baby together, and you can get an implantable embryo of either your former child, or of another child derived from the recovered genetic material."Anna added her own comment, directed at her 'daughters.' She said, "When you and we agree that you're ready for a baby, I think you'd be better off if you have Steve's child first. You're going to. ”“That reminds me of an old friend of mine and many stairs. He had only bones and no muscles. How much do you weigh?”The Garbini’s tentacles shivered.” I think about 95 kilos under one Gee.”To the instructor I said.” You won’t fail him if he makes it once around right?”“If he completes at least one round he will pass.”“Potsema you got lots of Tentacles to hold on, let me carry you! He didn’t specify how you going to get around the circle.”The Garbini stopped.” Are you serious?”“Don’t argue I. Guiding his feet from the entangled blue jeans, he stood naked from the waist down. Janet arose and lifted his shirt over his head, pulling his arms out and tossing his shirt to the floor. “Go into the bathroom and sit on the shower floor. Without a word of protest, Scott complied.Moments later, Janet entered the bathroom, completely naked, and in the dim light Scott could see her nipples were erect. She shivered slightly, squeezing her knees together like a school girl who had waited too long.

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