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I never knew how one persons absolute control could make me feel so calm and be such a stress relief. It's becoming something I crave. His dominance i... reserved for me and my submission is for him. Only. No one else gets that from me. No one else sees that side. Only him. I am his to control and his to own. He knows what I need and some how, some way knows when I need it. As we explore our Dom/Sub roles, the limits have expanded to our unique situation. I am married, but take my commands from. Rachel said Ken “no k**ding, it’s true, I just got them out of the house an hour ago!! The craziest thing she ever said was when we were in the Student Union Coffee Shop. Kitty, a young clueless freshman came to our table holding a white whipped cream French croissant. Kitty said “would either of you like some “creampie”?, I laughed and said, No thanks, I only eat creampie every now and then”. Rachel turned to Kitty saying “no thanks, only my boyfriend Bob likes my creampie”. I just couldn’t. We won’t talk about it then. Let’s just sit down and enjoy the rest of the day. Midnight will be here before we know it.’ She settled back down, relaxing her shoulders and leaning back, like a cobra that was no longer being threatened. But before he realized it, the words were out of his mouth, and the damage was done, ‘It’s not a big deal, you’re just overreacting.’ He lied to her again. The hurt in her eyes was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Ryan realized he screwed up and it was. Every week, on Friday, an old and dilapidated water truck drove into town to replenish the motel tanks. The motel owner had just reached the decision that there was not enough trade to cover operating costs and was in the process of closing down. Within years the skeletal remains of the buildings will be all that is left of Dalley. I was directed from the road to a small clearing by the dry riverbank. I parked in the shade and we got out. ‘When I was a girl we used to come here for picnics, Mum.

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