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We both felt that our "One True Love" was waiting out there somewhere, but we became pillow-pals, sleeping in each other's arms and enjoying uninhibit...d sex at every opportunity.Early in June, I slept over at her house, just the two of us, and she gave me an introduction to oral sex. I didn't need too much coaching — I did enjoy what I was doing — and with her coaxing and directing me with her hands, I gave her a few orgasms. I have to say she didn't taste that much different from me, either. I. 3... 4... the way that he stared at me like I was the only one that mattered. 5... 6... The way his hair was at a funny angle. 7... 8... and his lopsided grin that showed shiny white teeth. 9...10... I reached the top of the stairs in a daze. I could feel the juices swelling up inside me and I knew that I needed some sweet release. I pulled out my card and swiped my door. It opened with a soft groan to reveal a table, with a vase of roses and a bottle of vintage wine - my angel stepped out of. They had turned her on her side. A pile of pillows was supporting her hip and waist. The position didn’t look very comfortable. She did not complain though. I noticed that her toenails were painted pink. The color suited her. We chatted for some time. Casey didn’t tell who painted her toes. I didn’t ask. As I assured her that Buddy is ok, I went back home. Buddy was waiting into the kitchen, gazing at the fridge, drooling. The days slipped by. It was time to meet Dr. Campbell again. I. Iknew that this was coming and I assumed that he would bring specialiststo the house to make the modifications. Clearly Master had other ideasand produced a white latex trench-coat which he put on me and tightenedthe belt so it hugged against my corset.I had left the house yesterday dressed as a sophisticated woman withenough of a collar on my blouse to hide the shock collar. Today I leftthe house in a barely legal slutty outfit. The trench coat did not covermy breasts properly and master had.

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