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"I was happy there even though it was kind of secluded. I was over sixteen and in Michigan you can legally drop out of school then. I thought that I'd...just live there on the farm and help them until I was ready to get married or whatever. I really didn't think very far ahead. My grandpa had a heart attack about 3 years ago and he died. Grandma didn't live for very much longer, I guess it's like they say when you find the person you're meant to be with you become of part of them and they you.. Watching porn was a new hobby of Casey’s but today she was bored of it and looking to try something new. Casey was a sixteen-year-old girl with blond hair past her shoulders, pale skin and blue eyes. She stood at just five feet tall, with well-formed firm breasts. She had a curvy body giving her a round ass and bare feet with painted-red toenails. Casey was in a self-discovery phase. She was artistic, yet secretly very sexual. Casey lay on the couch in her t-shirt and yellow panties bored of. For a long moment, I considered sticking the barbed hook into her submissively offered nipple, but decided to go with something tamer. The next one that I selected was a similar shape, but smooth all the way to its extremely sharp point.I placed the box on my knee and grasped her nipple, stretching it from her chest. I placed the point of the needle against the top of her nipple. She bit her lip as the fine tip pressed into her sensitive flesh, but remained silent as I slowly slid the needle. Try to use your imagination more. Also, you can try using your pelvic floor." Ahhh, god," I sigh, feeling blissful.My cock starts trying to become aroused and is constricted painfully again inside its prison. I let out a gasp, but I'm determined to keep going."Haha! Does it hurt?" Yes, Sir. So bad," I growl. "Don't stop...please." May I fuck you?" He asks as his erection brushes against me.I look behind and see his thick, perfectly formed, eight-inch cock, with precum beading from the tip. I.

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