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. Tomorrow, after work. I'll swallow my pride and call dad.' she thinks as she turns to her side, picking up her cellphone to check the time.02:11 the...clock reads in its bright white letters on the pink background. Four hours and forty-nine minutes until she has to get up. Forty-eight.Lo curls her thin, pale legs up against her petite figure and sighs again. Maybe there's some app for this? Maybe she can start some soothing noises on her phone to get to sleep? She's downloaded many before but. We joined the party and chatted with ogres and super heroes of all sizes and shapes. Eventually Becky and I were separated and I knew that would not concern her. I was having a few drinks and having a great time.Around 8:00 I was helping Jack bring more wine and beer from the cellar when his cell phone rang. He quickly removed his Goofy head and answered it. The conversation didn't seem to be going his way so I busied myself carrying the beer up to the kitchen.When I got back to the basement,. I returned to pulling his pants down. When they were around his ankles he steadied himself with his hands on my shoulders and lifted his feet out of them.I nuzzled that small gap in his shorts again and teased his flesh with my hot breath. He finally stepped back and removed his own underwear, saying as he did, "If you don't stop that I'm going to make a mess in my shorts."I shrugged and said, "I have a washing machine. We can sit around later and play with each other while I wash your. " After two drinks?" Well, I don't drink much, now do I?"Steven grinned at that. "Point taken." So what's the deal? Am I going to dance naked on the parquet floor over there? Is that it?" She cringed inside. That was a bad idea to even suggest! Alcohol!"And if you did, what do you think would happen?" I think the room would fill up with more men, and I'd be a very popular girl." I think so too. But there's enough men here already, all chosen by Carolyn. And you're going to fuck half of them.".

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