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..”“There’s some who think that you should be Mayor right now,” Homer said.“That didn’t come from me,” Cal declared with conviction.“O..., I know where it came from,” Homer countered. “I’ve got ways of findin’ out these things. All you gotta do is stay away from that kind of talk, keep your nose clean and wait ‘til I finish my term. Is it a deal?”Millie placed the check on the corner of the table. Homer handed it to Cal.“Thanks for lunch,” he told the younger man. “I already gave you the tip.”Cal. Kari kept the house spotless and Cassie cooked, damn that woman could cook. I’ll not get too deeply into the sex, but I’d never had better and she came to me every night. Me, John Henry and Mutt were happy boys and the gals were relaxed, smiling, pleased to share our space.I decided I wanted to do a little fishing; I dug some worms and got one of the bags of chopped liver I kept in the freezer, the worms for pan fish the liver to bottom fish for cats. I asked Kari and Cassie to go with. David physically lifted Marion and set her on the back seat of the car then kneeled in front of her and lowered his head to lick her wet pussy lips before sliding his tongue upwards to find Marion’s clitoris, slowly in circles he licked her bud before gently sliding first one then two fingers deep inside her pussy, Marion started moaning as David had reached four fingers inside her and as he did this he was still licked her clitoris delighting in the taste of her love juice, as Marion was now. As I took Fran into my arms, I could feel the heat radiating from her body. We were definitely ready for each other. I said, "Fran, you are an amazing woman. You are so hot!" "Less talk and more action. Let's go!" she exclaimed. Just like the last time that we were together, Fran's hand went to my crotch and I explored every area of her body. Her beautiful soft breasts and wet cunt fueled the fire in my body. My massage of her breasts and sliding my hand in her thong had Fran starting to moan.

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