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Her hair was never allowed to go grey or white. Instead she dyed it a platinum blond and faithfully kept her weekly appointment at the hair dressers, ...hich just so happened to be the chicken shit yellow linoleum floored kitchen of my house. She would come over after dinner. Nanny would boil water and the smells of instant coffee, cigarette smoke and peroxide would mix like a cherished family recipe. I would sit under the ugly green and yellow table that would fetch a pretty penny today as art. She gasped, "What are you doing?"Since she didn't pull away, I kept licking. She obviously liked my new attention. She bent her knees up and spread her legs wider. Now I had easy access to her whole cunt. After several minutes, I began sucking her now enlarged clitoris. Mom was really excited and began humping and moaning. She came with such force the she squirted juice over my face. I kept licking and sucking. A few minutes later mom relaxed and said, "Son that was unbelievable. You have. Marks appeared instantly.After a beating of about 20 minutes, I could take no more and Steve released my hands. I slumped to my feet.‘That’ll teach you to enter my office without permission!’ he growled. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he grabbed my head and pulled it into his groin. I knew what was expected. Out came my tongue. Steve pulled aside his undies as quickly as possible and almost straight away he came in my face. For minutes, he just rubbed the cock over my lips and. This is my first story so please excuse if I make any mistakeThis story is about my girlfriend; I won’t tell her name as I respect girls and give importance to their privacy. She is a year elder to me. Coming to her stats, she has a plump figure of 34-30-32.It was around two years since our relation and we both were virgin, we made a plan to enjoy the ultimate pleasure someday. That someday came quite quicker than expected. She got admissions out of Mumbai so I went to meet her a month after.

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