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"I'm going to hear a visiting poet read. You'll want to get here to hear him, too." Who is it?" Angus Sinclair from Wollongong." Really? I haven't see... him in – oh – 15 years." That's why I'm calling. I'll meet you in 20 minutes at the Cultural Centre, okay?" Right. I'll put on clean clothes."Oh my, I thought. Angus Sinclair. Martha's Angus. [see "Aftermath"] Still at Wollongong. I got into a pair of chinos and a clean shirt and walked over, considering how small the universe was.There were. I rubbed it all over my boobs, working my way down my stomach until I reached my pussy. I grabbed a few more handfuls of it and reached around to my butt, rubbing it all over until the cheeks were covered. I realized I’d never have a convincing bathing suit if the butt didn’t look good so I even rubbed it all down the butt crack. I’ve never really done butt stuff before, so this was very exhilarating! It turned me on so much knowing that clay was the only thing separating my naked sun baked. As much as Iwanted to attract Nick's attention, I still wasn't ready for a bikini, sothe beach was still out, but I knew beautiful and sexy didn't stop attiny and revealing.After what seemed like a long shower, Nick finally came out of thebathroom, finally able to look me in the eye again. He still didn't sayanything, moving past me to get dressed. I took my clothes into thebathroom and began anew the process of fixing my hair and makeup.By now, the steps I needed to take were almost second. As was punishment. There wasn't much of that nowadays, but it's not like Lucifer was rotten to his core. He just liked to participate in some carnal delights from time to time, and maybe tried to kill God once or twice. No biggie. The old man had forgiven him at least, in keeping with his M.O.It's not like Lucifer tolerated true violence, the people with the blackest hearts. HELL NO, even now he sometimes liked to walk through the cells below to tweak the punishments of all the pedophiles and.

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