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To my surprise, I realized I had an instant hard-on. She slowly whispered in my ears, “ijjazt hai?” (Do I have your permission?).I was speechless....She smiled and slowly brushed her hand on my dick and made her way to my chest. I was about to witness her wild lust mode. She literally tore my t-shirt, and we went into a tight lip lock. Wow, she was intense and she wouldn’t let go of my lips.Zee slowly moved her hand down my shorts again and this time, she was rubbing harder. She then moved. . pushing in a bit more, so with his next push I rammed my butt hard against his cock, yowie that hurt as it went in, he held still, pain turned to plessure quickly as I worked him, soon I could feel his balls slapping my arse, he was now pounding me fully. The guy under me slide his cock back in my pussy, they worked their magic in me,, John pushed his cock in my mouth asking me how that was, I mumbeled great as I took them both deep in me,, it wasnt long before I could feel them change speed,. Please.. I beg you.” I cried out.He started pushing it even more and fingering my pussy while licking my clitoris. I was having a pleasure at the same time I was not able to resist the pain. I started crying loud now and was getting nervous. It made my hole tighter and hard for his finger to push in. Abhinav lost his patience and he asked Sarun to move away and he spread my legs.“You slut.. I will show you what pain is now. Take my cock in now.” And Abhinav pushed his cock into my cunt. It was. Now she was VERY conservative, always in church, dressed very conservative too. This was not a slutty woman.After she rubbed my back down with sunblock she said she needed to go in for a minute, and very sternly told me not to swim by myself. So I sat by the pool and waited for her to return. After a few minutes I started to wonder what was taking so long? I thought she might be getting some drinks and snacks ready, so I went in to check on her. I opened the door, she was not in the.

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