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We had one of the finest locations in the hall and I ordered with a bottle of Chivas 21 for myself, Jack Daniels for my buddy and breeze for his girlf...iend and some eatables. We were having fun with drinks and lovely music playing and having great views of some lovely babes around.My friend pointed me to a gorgeous babe standing alone in the corner sipping her drink and looking around for place to settle down. It sounded me as a good potential. She seemed to be very beautiful gal in her 20s and. "Now open your mouth," he said.She opened her mouth and he stepped forward sliding his cock into it. Staring into his pubic hair, she felt him grabbing the straps and buckling them around the back of her head. Each time he buckled a strap, it forced his cock ever deeper into her mouth. He continued to buckle straps, forcing his cock all the way to the back of her mouth, making her gag. He buckled the last few straps forcing his cock down her throat, at which she started bucking. She knew if anyone saw her use the elevators, she would be compromised. Luckily for Ruby, a bolt of lightning struck the security wall outside distracted everyone, including the guards. Fragments of stone began to smash against the building and it’s interior. Ruby took this opportunity and briskly stepped inside the elevator. She took a moment to compose herself as the lift slowly ascended the tower. The lights began to flicker as the storm continued to terrorize the world outside. After what. I knew that this was my chance to see them together. On the morning his flight was due, Marie dressed carefully to welcome him. She decided to wear a well-cut, tan cashmere coat. Underneath this she wore a pastel twin set of sweater and cardigan and a slim, slightly tight, brown pencil skirt. What provided the outward, tarty elements were first of all her make-up, which was rather heavy. In particular, her lips were outlined in a darker lipstick which extended beyond her natural lipshape in a.

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