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Took me all day, too. I asked some of your friends to help me. I told them you’d appreciate it if they bought you a beer tonight, you know, as a way...of saying thank you for helping me.”Melanie paused.She could have been a ringer for Meg Ryan if she cut her hair differently. Plenty of people had told her that. Of course, Melanie had green eyes and Meg’s were blue but still the resemblance was remarkable. Bobby could see Melanie looked a bit flushed as she pulled a wisp of hair away from her. My husband didn't believe in oral sex and this was the first time a man's tongue had touched me in over 16 years. I knew at that point I was not going to stop him, no matter what. He continues to work my pussy with his tongue and when I feel it reach my clit a visibly jerk off the bed. He holds me down with one hand and uses his other to finger me, working my g-spot in a way it hadn't in years. I am screaming when I feel a wetness spreading down my legs and I hear/feel him moan. He stands up. Hans, did you get lucky this weekendHans: Sure and you?Mona: Not, are you at work now?Hans: No. I am in the hotel now, why?Mona: Want you to tell me what you guys did, I am alone and very hornyHans: I fucked my wife and she fucked meMona: Was she waiting for you?Hans: Yes we have a romantic weekend, started with slow sex and than harder and harder, and you?Mona: I did not get anything, we had company; very horny nowHans: I love it when you are horny are you wet?Mona: a little,Mona: did your. Well, by some standards it was. But it was a haven for wild birds ... titmice of three sorts, finches of at least three sorts, sparrows, dunnocks, wrens, thrushes – three sorts of thrush, too – robins, nuthatch and the occasional woodpecker. From time to time there would be panic stations among the smaller birds, who would take refuge in the shrubbery and a flash of blue would be a Sparrowhawk trying for a meal. Then there were the butterflies visiting the Buddleia and other fragrant plants..

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