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" No, you won't do that. For one thing, your cellphone is in your purse, which is in the car, and I'm between you and it." I'm going to scream in abou... two seconds if you don't leave." Fine. Except for the fact that no one will hear you, please go right ahead if it will make you feel better."A tinge of fear crept into her expression as she realized that I held all the cards, and that there really was no one around to hear her scream. "What do you want?" I told you ... give me your panties." And. After dinner (I chose a different restaurant to minimise the chance of meeting Carol) we had our nightcaps, stroll, and off to bed for a relatively early night. My wife was soon sleeping soundly, having taken her pills, and I was easily able to dress and leave the cabin without disturbing her.I went to the purser’s office and explained that my friend (I gave Carol’s full name) had dropped an earring and I wished to return it, but couldn’t remember her cabin number. The girl on duty was most. .?”Mom put a finger to my lips, “Shush. Never say that to a woman you want to have sex with, “Always say ‘I want to make love to you.’ Let that be a lesson to you.“I do, Mom. I do want to make love to you.”Mom put her warm hand on my cheek and kissed me, “I’m ready for you, Ray. Come and make love to me. Be my lover.”I got between my mother’s legs and held my cock as I guided it toward her wet pussy. I pushed my cock into her pussy very slowly, foolishly wondering if I was going to hurt her.Mom. Traci started bucking and writhing, all of a sudden,and I knew she was coming. It didn’t look as explosiveas when Tori Welles does it in a movie, but it was avision to remember all the same. She squealed andwrapped her legs around Karen’s head, trapping ourcousin in that funky, Nair-bare cunt.Karen sucked her like a trooper, mouthing pussy untilTraci’s excitement subsided, and then she sat upright,pushing her own snatch down into my sister’s scarfingmouth. She played.

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