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“You’re not Kristen are you?”    Another growl, but this one was menacing. She wanted me to run.     “What, you don’t want t... kiss first?” I asked. She took a step back and before I registered what that meant, she was in the air flying towards me. Rolling away way to late, she landed a few feet away. When I came up, that’s when the run kicked in and I took off.     My path was straight into the trees. She was bigger than I and so running through the thick brush meant a harder time for her. The. The sun was nearly touching the top of the trees in the distance."I think you have put together an excellent plan," Joe replied. "I think it was especially smart of you to warn everyone what to expect. I know that many of the men with you don't believe the demon description but at least they won't be completely surprised when Carlos Cruz shows up."Earlier in the afternoon, Joe told Jonas about another innocent being killed by Carlos. He also let Jonas see the images the girl had died with. The. Alright, not just like Jeff, but I am very smart. But just like Jeff that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to think things through before I say them or rely on them.Jeff kept pressing to join my birthday drinking celebration. I kept refusing. I was driven by emotion. He limited his arguments to logic."I recall hearing on the news that something like fourteen hundred college-age kids die each year due to alcohol. If you need the citation, I can Google it."Some die directly from alcohol. Cranston can take Helen to get your brother."Mrs. Cranston was called in. She was to find out what class Helen was in, and then ask her teacher to send her to the office.A few minutes later Helen came running into the office. She saw me and started to run again but stopped in time. "I thought you were hurt or in trouble." In trouble this time, but good trouble." Good trouble?" Yes. Friday after school I helped a young boy with breathing problems. Somehow or other, it made it into the newspapers.

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