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I imagine you and I are there. I know you think I\'m selfishly sentimental. But I want to be that hopelessly in love Pierrot who thinks of you constan...ly and plays songs for you."She looked at me quietly, with eyes into which I had often gazed when she was enjoying her full powers over my body and ecstatically punishing me--moments of complete surrender on my part, total control on hers. When our eyes met like this no matter how much pain she had inflicted on me, I acknowledged her absolute. There was not even any downyhair between my skin and those gorgeous knickers. I could sense a slightswelling of my cock. It was slightly embarrassing that my body was givingaway how much I liked wearing this underwear. I had to pull the waist ofmy knickers down a little so that she could put me into the suspender-belt. She told me to breathe in while she tightened the laces and tiedthem into a large bow. "Now the suspenders need to go down inside yourknickers," she explained. "You always wear. She said:mayank promise karo ki aaj ke baad bhi tum muje utna hi pyar karoge jitna ab karte ho.M: mai yeh promise toh nahi kar sakta but yeh zarur keh sakta huun ki tumhe isse bhi millions times zyada pyaar karunga. She smiled & put her hands on my shoulders & start licking my lips. Mene ussi time uska top nikala. Omg she got huge but beautiful pair of boobs. I started unhooking her bra & then i saw her naked boobs. Vaah yaar mene at a time dono ko pakda & un dono ko ek ke baad ek choosne laga.. That's when things took a turn. She asked what i wanted to do, so i said have some fun. We began kissing, and the nerves set in. My cock was instantly rock hard. I could feel it throbbing, she grabbed my hand and pushed it onto her chest, i squeezed her tit and pulled her in close. We carried on kissing until i asked if she wanted to go upstairs for some fun. She said yes and lead me up the stairs.We got into her bedroom and she took her shirt off. We kissed and carressed as i took off mine.

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