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?Good morning Mrs. G. You look lovely as always this morning.? Mrs. Givens grinned back. ?Why thank you Rory. It’s wonderful to see you to start the week.? she purred, and then started to turn back into her bedroom. ?Could you come in here for a moment? There’s something I need you for.? ?Of course Mrs. G.? he replied as she led him into the room. Once he was inside she stopped at the foot of her bed, and with her back still to him she slipped off her robe and let it. I looked at it carefully, and saw his dick was in her asshole and he was reaching for her huge breasts hanging down with their heavy weights through her armpits. He was moving gingerly in and out of her ass hole, and at times leaving her tits to finger her cunt. I went to REKHA’s room and entered as the door was open. She was absolutely nude expecting me.“Come on, I shall show you something”, I whispered in a low voice.“What is it? Must be the same thing – Mom and Uncle Ravi…”she did not evince. So intent was I on worshipping his tool that I didn’t notice the other man walking up to the truck behind me. He opened the door and jumped into the truck pushing my legs over onto the floor. The driver said, “It’s OK he’s with me.” I stopped in a panic and looked at the other man. He was smaller than the first but just as ripped. He too was wearing only a T-shirt and jogging shorts which he quickly removed exposing a cock that was uncircumcised and much smaller than the drivers, only about six. Then slowly we had our first kiss. Lying on the bed and fully involved in a deep long kiss for more than 10 minutes. We were so lost in each other.For a lot of times, kissing and enjoying our time. Then I kissed her shoulders. I was lost in her 32D sized soft boobs and kept of kissing her all over the body. I slowly kept kissing her navel area. I removed my boxers and us totally naked and I was over her. She could feel all my skin and we were so tightly hugged. I rubbed her shaved pussy and.

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