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The door opened and they saw a young man in his late twenty's (at the most) enter; as had most of the other teachers that day, he gave special attenti...n to the Anderson kids. It's not every day, I guess, you have two sets of exact triplets in one class. He especially seemed interested in the clothes that the Anderson girls were wearing. Lana took the opportunity to size him up a bit. He definitely wasn't the old fogy she was expecting, in fact, Lana thought, "he is damn hot!"He turned around. He doesn't see it.Stewart's eyes meet mine. I glance from him to Jenny. Jenny's hands aregoing for the bag. I push her to arm's length. Stewart is lookingconfused."Strap-on..." I mutter to him. I hope he hears. I hope he understands. Ihope Jenny doesn't.Owens' eyes go very wide. He stumbles backwards, letting go of the bag. Ipull it way from him and shove it behind me."Go!" I yell at Owens. "Out!"Stewart finally takes Jenny by the hand and leads her to her room.I dive at Owens. I don't know. “Steve, with your permission and Jane’s, I would like to visit Kaga Motors. What’s the general manager’s name? Saito?”“That’s right,” Jane responded. “I’m sure he would be very pleased to see you. I’ll set it up. When would you like to go?”“When is the first trial order scheduled to be shipped?”“Tomorrow night to arrive at ten o’clock Thursday morning. You’re not thinking... ?”“I sure am thinking,” Cliff smiled. “What do you think about the idea of being at their plant to welcome the first. Shila niche theke aste aste pachha tule dichhilo aar bala suru korloo han han sirrr… Aro jore.. Hann arektuu joreee… Ufffff hannn aar dinn sirrrrrrrrrrrr khub jore jore chude dinn sirrrrrrrrrrr ahhhh hann aro jore sirrrrrrrrrrr ki bhalo lagchhe hann khub kase kase chudun sirrrrrrrrrrr. Shilar katha sune sune sirer chodar speed ta barte thakloooo uffff ek samai eto jore jore choda suru korlen je mone hachhilo khat tai bhenge jabeeeeeeeee ufffffff. Shila bole uthloo sirr mai duto chusunnnn.

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