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Dhire dhire wo meri chut ke aa gaye aur meri aur dekha, mein apna hosh kho bethe thi, unhone mujhe dekhke smile ki, aur chut chusne lage, abh tak kabh... unhone ne meri chut ase nahi chati thi, mein puri madhhosh ho gayi thi, unhone meri chut pe kata aur mere muh se ouch…. Nikal gaya, thodi deer bad mujhe chut mein kuch mehsus hone lage, aur aaahhhh…..Aahhhhh… Awaj ke sath mari chut mese pani nikalne laga, aur mein machalne lagi and pura sarir mera sikudne laga aur mera hath mere uncle ke siir ko. She got a funny look on her face and I told her you will stay naked for as long as we are married. She cried a little bit and I told her that I loved her but I was like dad I wanted my whore available at all times. After that day except to people on the street I don't think I ever called her Dina again it was always whore. We went back in the house and dad had mom bent over the kitchen table plowing her asshole and when whore saw that she got more tears in her eyes, I suppose she knew what was. I couldn’t wait. I untied her but left the blindfold on and then fucked her doggy style. She came so quickly I thought she was faking. I wasn’t as I came as well.Once she calmed down she said it was so exciting and I should try it. I said ok but she said we had to have coffee first. A bit odd but I said ok. We had coffee and then she said I should get naked and sit on the chair. She tied me up and blindfolded me. She did to me what I did to her. Slapping my legs and squeezing my nipples. She. In seconds, they were at the fake building. As they boiled out of the vehicle, Jeff picked Selina up and sprinted, the others in his wake.On the way from the Retreat to Ship, Jeff had briefed her mentally, and she had the course to 2214 laid in and was waiting. As soon as the hatch closed, she translated to orbit, the ground and the Retreat shaking from the blast of sound. A heartbeat after clearing atmosphere, she warped to the prison planet.Seconds after reaching 2214, the great ship was.

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