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“Lead the way,” one of the Prince’s military advisers told Captain Prawit and me, and we started back to the unit with the coach directly and followed by a part of his escort.“I hope that Chatchai has gotten the place cleaned up some,” Prawit said to me quietly as we rode toward the unit. I had also been worried about that until my amulet warmed up on my chest.As we approached the unit a few minutes later, even I was surprised by what I saw, for there on the company street was the. I arrived and was offered the usual drink and invited to freshen up, which I always do even if I have just showered and had a sauna after work.Sometimes the gent joins me in the shower which I love-he didn't.He had already stripped and was laying on the bed.I dropped my towel and joined him on the bed.Uncapping my oil I started to rub his back and shouldersIm a good masseur and know how to relax a guy, I moved down to his bum and started to rub deep moving his cheeks around, I moved down to his. Slowly, she started licking the tip of my cock and looked at me. Omg, that was the most beautiful sight I have seen a beautiful woman looking at me with lust on her eyes and my cock in her mouth. I wish that moment never ended.She took my hard cock in her mouth and sucked it like her favorite toy. She was really good, she was alternating her sucking pace and deepthroating in between and squeezing balls with her hands. She was too good and knew what to do exactly and that’s why I had to stop her. “Your vaginal muscles are strong.” He gasped. It appeared to be an effort for him to use this tool and it made me wonder why. The tool jerked, it thrust deep. “That is incredible.”I did not know how to respond. The orgasm inside of me was building, stronger than before, slowly growing this time, not a mad dash to the finish. The calculated control I thought I had was gone. I moaned. It felt way too good moving inside. After the first, the rest followed. The sound echoed in the room. It was if I.

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