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I’m pretty average in body build, not a Greek god but attractive. As for my junk, sad to say 2” when soft but 7” when hard. No complaints so far...I’m sitting on the couch in some loose swim trunks and a muscle shirt when Stephan knocks on the door. I jump up to answer and there he is, smiling a wide grin. Stephan is a ladies man. He’s 5’7”, platinum blonde hair, has a mix of feminine and masculine mixed in his face and from what I have seen of him, completely hairless and a sexy ass. He and I. My fingers turn white clutching the sheets. Soft moans escape me adding to your pleasure. Your cock moves on its own now. It is jealous of your fingers wrapped in my wet, tight pussy. What has me so turned on right now? Well, my vulnerability for one. Laying naked across you. Held down by you. Disciplined by you. Yet, feeling cared for by you. You withdraw your wet fingers and caress my red ass and lower back. I relax a little, loosening my grip on the sheets. Then, Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!. " When I was fully turned and staring at them, I could see Jeff and Kathy were now flicking their eyes to me occasionally, but they were still mainly caught up in what they were doing. They looked at my face and my rock hard cock but I didn't have any shame. How could I when what they were doing was so over the top it had removed any inhibitions from my mind. As I stood there I felt Rachel kiss the nap of my neck and slowly she licked and kissed her way down my spine until it reached the base.. "Tom said, "I'm sorry, I guess I was a little. I have to admit, yesterdaywas a little bit weird. But I can't stop thinking about how much fun itwas." So, can I take it you're going home with me again today?" asked George."Yes, I hope so," smiled Tom.The boys walked quickly home from school. When they got to George'shouse, they almost ran up the stairs and down the hall into Jaclyn'sroom, shedding their books, and most of their clothes, on the way.They headed straight to the underwear drawer.

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