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’ said Robert. Sherri narrowed her eyes, and then relaxed. He hadn’t forced her to do anything yet, and since he was the one with the evidence, he...was the one she had to obey. ‘You are the Master, and I am the blackmailed’ she answered and looked away. Robert nodded, she was very angry down inside, which is why he had given her the night off. Nothing compulsory, nothing that she HAD to do. Tomorrow morning she would be taken, and hopefully enjoy herself. Sherri considered, she was as free as. [-][+][-]For years, they'd been working upon a way to help the T.G. Community torealize a goal that was all but impossible: reverse the gender of a clientso that their body fit their mind. Professor Henry Klump was a herbologistwho specialized in creating dietary supplements for his clients inHollywood and Helen Hyde was a psychiatrist who helped clients in theBetty Ford Clinic who were dealing with Transgender issues. Together, theyhelped many a client to realize their dream back before. I told her I would stay in with her and just hang out, she smiled and we horse played in the pool, she kept feeling my chest and ass,she even pulled my trunks down, and whistled at my bare ass, I new she was hot for me and I was gonna just play along. So I picked her up and felt her up a bit,squeezed her nice tits, and she liked that and she tried to act mad but she couldn't keep a straight face,my dick was hard the whole time, and through out our flirtatious horseplay, it constantly kept. After 10 minutes I broke the kiss and moved away. She finally spoke after 2 minutes and said ,”Bade Badmash ho tum. Kese haath chalta hai tumhara.”. She was also smiling. I said you are awsome. I again liplocked and removed her bra and blouse. Now she was topless. She covered her breasts with both hands. I said let me feel them. Please…. She said, “nahi, till the time you also dont remove your clothes”. I removed my shirt and payjamas. Now I was only in my jockey. I then removed her hands. She.

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