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That definitely got her attention and added to the intensity of her own crashing orgasm. Her eyes bulged as she fought for air and made an attempt to ...wallow all that hot jism. I pulled back and a load of cum poured out of her mouth. My hips jerked forward and I unloaded another blast of cum deep in her throat. She swallowed quickly as I forced more of my cock in her and more cum spurted from my cock. Her whole body jerked in orgasm as she pounded the dildo into her tight cunt as I fucked her. .i was touching Ashley´s boobs ( at this time Ashley was with her bra off ), i was kissing her, tongue kiss and also sucking her nipples.....Ashley took my skirt off and slowly taste my pussy lips licking and knew i was dripping wet, very horny...i said oh gosh Ash, don´t stop, i was moaning and it loudly and Ashley slide her cherry lolipop into my pussy...that was heavenly, the lolipop is still iced and my pussy got wetter...Ashley slide off the lolipop and lick and suck it and said > hummmmm. He came and sat beside me and starts caressing my thigh. I was just feeling amazing and good.He came near to me and I suddenly asked what are you doing? He told I want to make you in for this night. I was feeling good by hearing this. He then came to me and hugged me in sitting position then take me in his arms and I sat on his laps facing towards him. I am seeing him so closely for first time and he kissed on my forehead then eyes and then cheeks and lastly on lips. Omg! What a heavenly. Margaret sat up,smiling shamelessly, rewarding Patty's cunt lapping efforts with along, lewd kiss."Now, you enjoyed that too, didn't you?" Margaret said. "See, Patty? Idon't think there's really any harm in fucking your son, but you don'treally have to, if you don't want to. Whenever you get horny, you canjust come to see me. Free of charge. You have a beautiful body, and awonderful, tasty pussy. I'll be happy to lick it for you whenever itfeels wet and hot."* * * * *"Ooh, that's nice, honey..

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