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One of the guys asked if I ever jacked off. I said sure, all the time don't you. Danny asked what is that ? He never heard of jacking off. I tried to...explain it to him and he asked me to please show him how. Joe said he jacks off but don't know if he does it right or not. I suggested we should go inside to Danny's bedroom where its a bit warmer and can kneel on the carpet. So we snatched up a few of the best center folds and headed off to Danny's room. We placed the center folds out on the. An hour past, she had endured climax after climax, lost count even, when they began unwrapping her breasts really purple and tight now, the returning blood painful as it flowed into what had been the restricted area. They told her to nod if she wanted to go on, eyes sparkling, she nodded, and they continued, it was a no brainer. Nipples were pinched, nibbled, sucked, and fingered, the hand that entered her sex with fingers closed, soon opened and gently scratched the soft- tissue as it was. Couldn't believe he could do that for just 20 bucks! Had two requests though, she had to wear black leggings and she had to fight him! He basically wanted to pull her pants down and forcefuck her in the ass. Hey, no problem, right? A whore's gotta do what a whore's gotta do. I told her to wear her tight blouse with press buttons, so the guy could pull it open easily.About half hour later he rang the bell. Big guy, ready for combat you might say. Wearing army fatigues, big boots, black t-shirt. "I don't expect any trouble, but I can't put you in anymore danger than I am right now. You'll be safe here in the car. Thewindows in these cars are bullet-resistant. You can either stay here ordrive away if you have to."All Pat could do was nod in acknowledgement, she really was not givinghim a chance to answer back. He watched her walk up the driveway andknock on the front door. When she got no response she disappearedbehind the house.As Leslie walked up to the back of the house,.

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