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“I'm talking to Lisa. Why you two over here busting my balls.”“We'd never bust your balls,” purred the blonde, the one who had marched over he...e and interrupted. “We're just confused why Lisa's not into you.”“Right?” Shane said. He puffed out his chest. He was going for that outdoor look. “Just tryin' to show her a good time. Not gonna hurt her.”“That's right,” the black-haired girl said. “Lisa—”“Who are you two?” I asked, confused why they had come over here and why they were wearing elegant. Listen, some dumb bitch came in here last week crying she had forty-five days. I almost kicked her fucking ass. I told her to get the fuck out of my face.” She stares into my eyes. “But, yeah, five’s a stiff sentence for a ball of crack."“The judge said he was gonna make an example of me.”“Bastard,” she spits. “Looks like he did. I’m Nell, by the way.”I manage to say “Glenda” before a loud bell starts ringing. I watch women heading for the shower block. I intend skipping the shower — after all,. They had day jobs—budding careers and only played on Friday and Saturday. Club bands have to play covers—that’s what people want to hear. They’d written enough of their own stuff to more than fill a CD and in fact had released one on their own which probably never found its way out of the county. The office manager had already booked, Morris would hit the door by five. As he was walking out the door, the adorable blonde accosted him. ‘Morris?’ ‘Ah, oh…hi, Kate.’ She was so damn sweet. He. My breathing became shallow. I felt lightheaded. Where was the other hand? Was it stroking its cock or fingering its pussy? I was going insane. I needed relief. My own hands started to work their way down my belly.Then I felt something press against the side of my face. It dragged across my cheek and then stalled at my nose and continued to drag across my other cheek and back. It was a cock. I expected hands to grab my head but none came. I reached up and groped for the cock and its balls. The.

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