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Seeing that Jack was at a loss for words, I stepped in for him.“Thank you, sir. Mr. Roberts and I did our best in the time we had to prepare. It sti...l needs a few tweaks here and there,” I said.“Well, we know that Jack wouldn’t have made it happen without you, Susan. Jack is fresh in the business, but he is good, and he has great potential. That is why I am sending him to Phoenix to take over the operation there. And I am putting you in his seat in Atlanta as the new executive manager,” Mr.. I like that." Yeah, it is so cool to be able to finally say it." Then Lana added. "And I think I'm going to like being able to say 'my brothers' also." As she said this she started pumping her fingers in her wide open pussy."I know what you're thinking about as you say that," Ana said slyly."Do you think they are big? I mean I know they are probably not Pietro sized but—well you know what I mean!" Yes Lana," Hannah said dropping on her knees in front of Lana's open pussy, "we know." She then. They would move slowly up and down, three fingers, as the middle finger slipped deeper into her slit, and in moments her pussy would glisten with her rising heat to her own touch. He moved, adjusting himself on the seat, pulling his trousers at the crotch, creating room for his growing cock to enlarge and press against the zipper."Struggling? Tell me of what you are thinking that is causing such you to battle with your fingers. Many times these dilemmas are quite innocent and no real cause for. After some moments of silence she added“I know their secrets, they have to obey me.”What secrets ? I asked.My eldest daughter was made pregnant before marriage by her father. The second one was getting fucked my youngest brother.“Great,” I said. “That is wonderful news. I knew then that I would get to fuck my sisters in law later.“What are your secrets mother , if you don’t mind ?” I asked.“I too was active with my husband’s brother and also with my eldest daughter’s father in law.My wife.

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