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Thank you for your reviews, which I really treasure and try toincorporate suggestions into the story line - I am not an organisedwriter who finishes a...story then posts it, I go with the flow and post achapter when it's complete.March 2013Clive took me to bed and our lovemaking was gentle, compassionate butintensely passionate, we knew each others bodies so well it wasinstinctive to pleasure each other.Chloe woke up at her usual 2am wanting her feed, which Clive went to giveher; I use a breast. Filled with self lust I went back to my room with a towel and folded it and placed it in my bed were my bum would be. I quickly turned out the light and hoped into bed making sure my bum was on the towel. I felt so naughty as my fingers found my pussy lips. Slowly I teased my little pussy as I felt it twitch with every stroke. Then that pee feeling started and I made myself relax into it telling myself its ok I have a towel. I kept tickling and my heart started racing I felt hot flushes and. Ye dekh kar mere andar ki sex ki aag tez ho gayi.Meri nighty ke kandhe pe sirf ek lace thi, isliye achanak se mera ek boob meri nighty se baahar nikal aaya. Fir main jaise hi seedhi hui, uski nazar mere baahar aaye boob pe padi. Ab main kuch seconds ke liye statue ban gayi.Us waqt mein usne mere boobs aur nipples ko khoob ache se nihara. Fir maine khud ko sambhala aur”sorry” bol kar boob ko nighty mein daal liya. Uske baad main uske saamne ki taraf baith gayi. Fir maine firse jhuk kar chai ka. “You’re not shy of a bit of nudity are you Frank?” he asked obviously not knowing me too well, I responded with “Nah, not at all mate, it’s your house and you dress how you like” which put a reassuring smile on his face, I still didn’t know who the phantom cocksucker was and hadn’t yet eliminated Bob from the discussion.We sat and chatted and I have to say that Bob did have a good body and I could see the outline of his cock under the towel and the occasional glimpse as he moved his legs.We.

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