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From the back, she had these two dimples just above her buttocks. Her legs were shapely. She asked me once, after lovemaking, what I thought were features. It was hard to decide and I think I surprised her with my answers. That is the great thing about answering such questions after the sex, your lover knows you are being honest, because at that point, why lie. I never lied to Suzie. For everything, I may have done afterwards; I can at least say I never lied to her. I answered her. I guess I understood though, it must be hard for women like her who are less busty to be around women like me. Not that Sondra was flat-chested, far from it. Next to my girls though, hers were pretty unimpressive."Bondage? What's the point? Why would being tied up do it for you?" I said."Don't knock it until you've tried it. Being tied up can be really hot, even if you're alone. It makes it easy to fantasize that you're helpless and out of control. Like somebody could do whatever sexy thing to. “That was the worse fuck ever” grumbled Cathy “did you see the size of his cock. My middle finger was bigger. And you, you bugger. I know you enjoyed Ruby”. I laughed. “Well you seemed to enjoy her too” I countered. “Well, yes, I will admit that. I enjoyed licking her before you guys arrived. Anyway, I was hoping for a big cock”. “Like those porn videos?” I said “those guys are only in those videos BECAUSE they have big cocks. The chances of finding one of them in real life is a thousand to. I was hoping our plan would work. Though we told Pari and Sona that we were going to another city, we just went to our farmhouse and relaxed. Our parents would visit us now and then to have our sex sessions.We were making up for the last few months, during which we had to neglect our mothers to keep our girlfriends satisfied. But on the other hand, Pari and Sona were not having any sex and were missing it very much. They were getting very desperate.Akram and I would do sexting with them. We.

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