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"No... Nothing now... But I hear Ricomight be looking for some guys..." Cool," Scuff nodded, then turned and hurried away much to my relief.I was gl...d to have him out of my hair. He might be useful at times,but I couldn't stand the bastard.Once Scuff and I went our separate ways, I went straight back to myapartment. It was a small shit hole with rats and roaches, but it wasall mine. At least it was my place as long as I paid that assholelandlord on time. And after tonight, I'd probably. I was told that would be fine, but allof their customers for the next week would be told about my putting onmy lipstick in my car out on her road. I didn't like it, but I sat backdown in the chair. It took her almost an hour and a half to finish me.When I was finally allowed to look I couldn't believe what she had doneto me. My hair was in curls, I knew it would be, they had me sitting inrollers for almost forty minutes. But that wasn't all. She had darkenedmy hair but then had frosted the tips. In fact, all the rules you have set Ella and me are now rules you have to abide by, including curfew and your tone of voice when speaking to me. There will also be additional rules, like making sure our meals are made on time, and you pick us up on time. Each time you break a rule I will decide if you are spanked or caned or both. Is that now understood, mum?”Sandra listened, aghast, to the list of rules, and knew her time keeping was particularly bad and so she would be breaking those new. He lubed the first one and gave it to Lydia. “Put this in her butt, and then turn it on,” he said. She did, and watched Vickie’s writhing increase.“Now put this in her pussy and turn it on,” he said. While she did, Matt got out two special nipple clamps the girls liked. The spring was weak and had adjustable settings so it didn’t clamp hard enough to do any harm, just to attach. Once attached and turned on, the clamp automatically tightened and then loosened back to the original setting that.

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