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"Looks like you're getting an even better deal than before. You get double the rent for half a night." Would that we could repay you for what you have...done this night," he said, clasping my hand in a firm handshake."No need," I responded, not knowing what else to say.I followed the soldiers back to the castle, where they put me up in a far more comfortable room within the castle. With the adrenaline rush gone, I soon slipped back into an exhausted slumber once more.I was awakened politely, but. I put my hand on his for a moment and he looked at me and whispered “are you ok?” I nodded and slid my hand under the opening and then blushing said “I just don’t want you to catch my hair in the zipper”. He grinned as he then realized I had no panties on; this was going to make his next actions so much easier. He lowered the zipper and in just a moment had a finger buried between my slippery folds. I pushed into his hand with fervor and in only moments found myself close to orgasm. He of. ” “Yes!” Amelie said with a voice she could not recognize. Long-nailed fingers were playing with her nipples now, gently running over the skin, making her shiver. She had expected something different when she had arrived, but this was working too. Why was she suddenly finding it so easy to become horny? “You must not fight me, my slut…it will be problems for you…but you have too much clothes on..” “Yes..” There was a rattling of chains (that sound alone!), then her left arm was free. The dress. 38dd hooters and big curvy hips, chubby face, sexy blue bedroom eyes, dirty blonde hair that she grew to her shoulder blades and it was great for pulling to arch her back when going doggy style. She kept her pussy trimmed but not bare and had that kind of Jennifer Tilly bimbo voice that is really hot when it talks dirty in your ear. On our first date we fucked in the park behind her high school. We dated for five years. Until she had had enough of me screwing her friends, sister and any.

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