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She was mad and removed ma shirt n kissed ma chest, I couldn’t resist for long. I pulled off her bra completely and started sucking her boobs. it in between. She left out loud moans. At that time a car passed by us and honked, she got a bit tensed and pulled up the dress. And when we found it was just a car which passed by she got back into the mood and asked me to suck her boobs again and took my head to her boobs. I licked those beautiful tasty nipples more and more. I came down to. The door was open a crack and I could hear noises so I opened the door and there they were…making love on the couch.’ ‘Don’t you mean fucking?’ Her eyes watered again despite her best efforts to keep the waterworks at bay. ‘No, they were making love, they were being very intimate and passionate and…’ Her sobs choked her and she couldn’t speak anymore. ‘Hey, don’t worry about it, he’s a bastard and you are waaaay too good for that prick.’ Her friend hugged her tightly and led her to the kitchen,. A: Mmmm… Fuuuuuck! I’m crying. My cock dripping. Wanting to taste her juices mixed with cum.–Ahhh, he’s gonna destroy and stretch her married cunt.Mmmnh, oh fuck, my poor bitch is getting raped.Me: Dante keeps pounding her hard, despite her — and your — protestations. In fact, they just seem to make him fuck her harder.And then Teyron, Will, and Jimbo — the 3 other guys who were waiting for their turn at her — step forward. Cocks now hard and ready to. He ran it up right up to her lips, letting his tongue glide up between them and then inside. She moaned out again and again, clutching his head and squeezing her quivering thighs over his ears. Henibbled at the lips as his tongue slid over the walls inside her, feeling her squirm and unable to take anymore. Miles stood and pulled her up with him by the waist, their genitals pressing into each other again. Their eyes met once more and he kissed her mouth. He felt the velvety tip of her tongue.

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