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” She begged over and over, but he remained silent, pumping her ass with his cock. She knew if she came before he gave her permission it would be me...n more punishment. She tried her hardest to keep from cumming, but he knew she couldn’t contain herself, he knew how to push her over the edge, and he wanted to break her tonight. She screamed in pleasure as she came, her juices flowing down her legs. She went limp on the table as her orgasm flowed through her body. This didn’t stop him though. He. Hakimlicked all over his Auntsthighs, even after the cum was gone Hakim continued tolick his Aunts inner thighs high up. Hakim was enjoyingthis and his erection was back. Fathia backed up and satdown and spread her legs open, she too was enjoying hernephew’s licking. Hakim continued to lick, there werecum stains on his aunt’s shorts right on her crotch, andthe boy started licking his aunt’s shorts on the crotcharea.Finally Fathia said, “That’s enough, stand in the corneruntil I tell you to get. John's friend was first to move, he moved a stools between moms legs and sat on it, then we watched he spread her cunt lips and called his son over, told him see how pinkeye is, watch as I run her clit, when he did she shivered and her nipples got harder when he told son to hold her vagina lips open I think he came in his pants, when he had her lips spread, the Dr told him watch how I spread her open and used four fingers to open moms cunt. He then told son to hold her lips with 1 hand and. "I'm always ready." He spoke.Danny turned back to Anja. "It's gonna be a shootout." He spoke. "They have a pretty good idea of where we have her stashed. Yuriko and I believe that they'll try and hit us the moment we move for the ship." I thought this station was neutral ground?" Seanna spoke moving up next to Anja. "A safe haven that no one was allowed to violate?"Yuriko nodded. "It is." She spoke in reply. "Daniel and I have marked at least a dozen mercenaries who seem to have a different.

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