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God. Harder. Please, Roy. Fuck me harder!” I put my hands on either side of her waist and used them for leverage to start pounding her, driving deep...into her with each thrust and increasing the rhythm. And it occurred to me then that this entire situation was the opposite of anything either of us wanted. Rebecca had always prided herself on being in charge and in control, choosing who she fucked and how. Now she was begging me, a man she hated, to use her like a cheap whore. I had never wanted. I gave in when my husband, his name is Gary, thought we might be able to make money if we video tape my dogging adventure and put it on the internet. Well if I can make money fucking some guy in a park then I am all for it. So we planned this all out and went to a couple of parks and decided to do a trial run before we break out the camera. It was dusk and we got out of the car, Gary pulled his pants down and I pulled my dress up and squated down and started sucking his dick. Within minutes. I held her hips and guided their motions in three dimensions which is one of the advantages of cowgirl. I finally urged her to ride me vigorously and shot my wad as she gasped and shook with another climax.We napped and I took her from behind spoon style which she had never done. I showed her to diddle herself while I was embedded.As we walked back to the resort I told her to go to her husband and reassure him how much she loved him. Share what we had done gradually, first by screwing him. I wanted to whip out my cock and masturbate. My cheeks burned as I heard the Russian woman crying out in her orgasm. She was cumming on my mom’s mouth.Hard.“Go, Mom,” I whispered. I found girls eating out girls so hot now that I was a futa. It had rewired my sexuality. I squeezed my futa-dick through my skirt and panties as I heard Ms. Petrov’s noisy pleasure.Her passion echoed through the room and bled through the door. I squirmed, kneading my girl-cock. I throbbed. My cunt clenched. I stroked.

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