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Her sucking and swallowing actions extended my climax even more than the realization that my step-sister was sucking me off! Once my climax was over a...d Kim had swallowed everything, I pulled her face to my stomach and my cock slipped down her throat. She gagged and struggled, but I held her face tightly against me for at least thirty seconds, then let her go.After coughing and swallowing, she said, “You forced that cock of yours down my throat!”“I did…and it felt wonderful too. Don’t you like. Caitlin laughed at the facial expression Paige used to describe the secrecy."Well, at first it was like any large party, there were people dressed up socializing and catching up on old times. It reminded me of a large Christmas party for a big company. When dinner was served all of the Masters sat at the tables and ate, we (the slaves) sat on the floor next to them."Paige looked somewhat amazed."You had to sit on the floor? I don't know how you do this caitlin." She shook her head as she said. ” Ayame said, licking her lips. “Who'd you rather suck your cock, Stacie? Me or coach?”“Coach,” I said without hesitation. “Sure, Miss Castellano. I need a cum.” I had to do this. It was all part of the Program. So I smiled and stared down at Miss Castellano as she nuzzled against the tip of my swollen girl-dick. My small breasts jiggled as I shuddered. Her lips felt so hot on the tip.She didn't just engulf me, she teased me. Her hazel eyes stared up at me. I'd never noticed that they were. ...." I would love to get the rest of the massage." I wrote down my address to my apt and told her I would be available to finish her massage if she wanted me to. She told me that she would be there after dark to take me up on my offer. She turned and walked away with her and her white friend talking and giggling as they left, glancing back and smiling at me. I had never seen a naked black woman and she had my interested peaked. I don't remember much of the rest of the day and when we finished.

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