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The old fella’s eyes followed her all the way to her chair and locked onto her slender legs.“You’ve got a fan, just like Dad said,” I whispere... to Mom.Mom nodded, seeming a bit annoyed.“Poor old guy, probably doesn’t get to look at legs like yours often,” I said. “He probably has to rent dirty movies.”Mom laughed out loud. “No doubt,” she said, looking at me, eyes sparkling.A funny look flashed over her face. She raised her right foot and crossed it over her left knee toward me, her eyes. I did it accordingly and after about 2 hours, I could hear sandhya calling me to join them for dinner. As I was about to step out of the room, I could see the kitchen doorway and to my surprise I saw sandhy who was wearing a nighty bent over the sink washing a bowl and vinod standing near her seeing me step out beckoned me to go back to the room and watch through the crack of the door. I saw him go behind her and embrace. She turned and tried to push him and was rapidly looking at my door as if. The sky was clear, the sun was setting, and the breeze was gentle and intermittent. On another spring evening, it would have been a wonderful nature walk. Well, a heavily armed nature walk, but a stroll outdoors nonetheless. I completed my circuit, pausing at a tree I had recognized as my starting point, and turned to my left, re-entering our site. I approached the clearing, to see Emily, dressed again, kneeling before a bare spot in the leaves, that evidently she had cleared, settling a pot on. "Swallow!" Again I did as I was told and again another huge strand of cum was dumped into my mouth."Swallow." His voice would call out, oh my god not again, was all I could think as I swallowed.I had just swallowed the first load when the second load was in my mouth. I had just taken a deep breath to swallow the second load when the third was already being dumped into my mouth. I felt panic because it was just too much but I swallowed. Only being able to take down half the load before needing.

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