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.. I... I remember who I am. You've failed." You're not done yet."It was true. The girl -- she was barely in her 20s -- twitched as lipstick,blusher a...d mascara appeared on her face.She was still wearing Max's clothes. Now the sleeves shrank away from thejacket; the sleeves of the shirt following. The two garments fusedtogether to become a light brown sleeveless woman's blouse. It had aruffled front that had been Max's tie a few moments before. She felt hisundershirt shift, giving her now 36-C. Bunny and I fucked on the way out in the morning. Golf had been interesting - a pick-up four-some with two guys that didn't speak English and another who spoke it badly. Then, Greedy sucked me dry behind the clubhouse.After, Yann drove us to a town a few miles away that was having a local festival. Baby gave me his stick to lick and Bunny and I shared Baby's load. At the festival, I bought some wine and a hideously tacky antique carousel horse for Gloria. I had it shipped overnight.Now, I was. “Why not” I said and sat at the Kitchen table while he served up. He grinned at me,“How did the night go?” he asked“Ok, I guess” I said, then grinned, “But Yasmine irritated me a bit because all she could talk about was you, you really impressed her”He blushed, he actually blushed, and mumbled something about Yasmine being nice too, and I almost giggled, and before I could stop it, I blurted out, “Yeah, she has gorgeous breasts, doesn’t she?”. His face turned bright red, and he gulped,“I guess. Wo ayi room ka door khula tha. Or bathroom ka bhi. Unhone dekha me masturbate kar raha hu wo bhi unka name leke. Wo chupke se dekhti rahi jaise hi mera khatam huwa wo chali gayi. Jab me bahar aya to wo apne room me chali gayi thi. Me unke room me good night kehne gaya to dekha wo fir se garm ho chuki thi or mera name leke fingering kar rahi thi. Me to out of control ho raha tha lekin start karne ki himmat nai hui.Subah jab me utha to wo kitchen me thi. Mene jake good morning wish kiya.M: aunty.

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