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She took it and sniffed it suspiciously, before taking a bite of it. A few seconds later, it was gone, core and all. She smiled again, and seemed ease now.Trevir stood up and offered her a hand. "I have a small lean-to not far from here. We can make you comfortable there." She said. She looked at the hand curiously, but made no move. He reached down and took one of her slender hands. "Come." He said, pulling her up. Her ankle could not bear weight, but Trevir could. He put her arm over. I told the tall girl to come and sit between us on the sofa. I gave her a little pat on the arm, as a good girl gesture. She settled back.My friend had to order the little girl Squats! As deep as you can get! Slowly the girl complied - nervously bending her knees.No doubt she saw that three pairs of eyes were fixed on her crotch area - for the tall girl was watching closely too. Slowly she went down and we saw the brown hair fringing her fanny and saw a pair of plump outer lips. The outer lips. Still sucking on the dildo, we turned toward him enough for him to be able to kiss and lick our pussies. Laying on the table, her head at one end and mine at the other, our legs open. Our pussies close to each other, We handed the dildo to Wes. He knew what to do with it. Holding it between us, he began to rub the heads around our pussies then inside us. With still some space between us, he began working both ends in us, fucking us with it. The more he fucked us with it the closer our pussies. She wastrying to walk on her hind legs, and it wasn't very comfortable, so shedropped down onto her front paws and was soon trotting next to Gaby.A ball flew past Lady's head and she couldn't help but chase after it.When she had it in her mouth, a young man trotted up and tried to take itfrom her. She growled as she held onto it."Lady!" said Gaby. "Bad girl!" She pointed at the ground with obviousmeaning.Reluctantly, Lady dropped the ball.Gaby turned to the man and said, "I'm.

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