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"Let's get a real good look at the little slut's twat." Deanna's sobs grew a little louder but she still offered no resistance as I methotically slid...the panties off my daughter's small, red painted toenails to Jim's approval. I then grabbed one small ankle in each of my hands and spread them as wide as her small legs would allow, never looking away from the tiny pink pussy lips. My daughter allowed me to spread her legs wide, exposing her most private possession to her father and his boss. " Bella muttered, helping me up. I brushed myself off, and picked up my backpack. When I looked back to Bella, she was staring at me, regret in her eyes. "You didn't have to do that, Mike..." No, it's fine, really. You've helped me so much, it's least I can do." I said, putting my hand under the strap of my backpack.Bella smiled now, and I felt fury go through my body. Seeing her again, in this innocent state, reminded me of how horrible Derek was. I couldn't... could I?No.Yes.*SNAPSNAPSNAP*I. "I was only borrowing his cock for a few moments," she giggled, "there's still plenty left for you, so don't be nasty." He's my boyfriend," she snapped angry, "get you own." I will," she sighed, "but give me a chance, we only got here last night. Now I leave you and go and have a shower so you two can have a good fuck." Sorry bout that," I said feeling slightly guilty and I didn't know why."No, no, it's that slut of a sister," she said, "not your fault."My cock was still hard for it was all. I’ve been working so many late hours.”“Go, family is everything.”She smiled, “You really aren’t him, thank you, whoever you are.”Emily’s heart soared as she left the room and back to her life. Perhaps it was just an easy case, or maybe she was getting better at controlling his powers. Either way, she was just elated to find at least one happy ending.Candace came in dressed in business attire accompanied by a familiar face.Preston-Emily inhaled sharp at the sight. Sarah walked in and looked at.

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