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We kissed this time as lovers and for the next 15 mins it was like there were only the two of us living on this planet….. two passionate lovers…. ...wo bodies having one soul. Suddenly I saw a tear in Anita’s eyes. I licked it from her eyes and asked” what happened honey… have I done something wrong…. tell me Anita…” She smiled and wiped her tears off. She then said softly” …baba I had a thirst for my physical needs from a long period of time andI always wanted a lover… a real patron of my. We had a blast and a pretty good work out. We noticed they had a dodge ball tournament in the evening so we decided to go for lunch get a room and come back for that. We were able to join a group of 4 that were missing 2 people. Our team was great and we nearly won. I did enjoy the other men pretending not to notice Char, not wanting their wives to notice.Then we went to our hotel for a shower. I noticed the girl at the desk watching us walk through the lobby. We looked like dad and daughter,. It did not appear dangerous, so the teenager decided to ignore it. She turned back around and resumed waiting for a decent breeze to flounce her skirt hem. The dog’s cold, wet nose was back again. Helen told the Sheppard to go away and leave her alone.The animal did not mind her, his nose kept sniffing at her bottom. The girl suddenly guessed the dog was curious about the smell of urine drying on her legs.“Is that what you want, you beast? You like pee? Well, I don’t have any more to give you,. ." Yeah. Uh huh. Yep. I got it," I replied happily, holding up the slip of paper to no one in particular.I felt nervous. My toes and fingers felt numb and my throat was dry."Oh, ok. Great," she replied. "So, um, it's just a little dinner party. Nothing fancy. I was just thinking, uh, hey, why not send you an invite, too, ya know?"I was staring down at the note in my hand, staring at the smiley face she'd drawn, which caused me to smile in kind. "Yeah," I said. "I'd like that. Thanks. Thank you..

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