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I gasped when I saw the size of his cock, telling James that I didnt think he could get his huge black cock inside me. James confidently reassured me ... could and that he would be gentle with me. I asked how big was his cock and he told me it was almost 11 inches, mentally/physically comparing it to my husband’s 7 inches, which until now had seemed adequate. I said oh shit I don't know if I can take it all! My pussy was telling me it wanted to try! James got on the bed and began kissing me,. I could see her prominent nipples underneath her top and her naked sexy fair thighs making me very excited. When she started bathing I could see my didi’s sexy watermelon size boobs with her dark brown nipples pointing towards me it was all total out of the world experience for me. After bath my sister and I went inside room. My sister was wearing just a towel around her revealing her both shoulders and supper hot legs and thighs to me with her wait hairs flowing over her both shoulder she was. The day after I gave it the full treatment, sloppy top with a deep V neck, no bra, shorts like before but new ones obviously, Simon arrived about 10.00 am and got straight down to work, I will give him his due, he was a good worker, he got the edging shears, I decided to give him a show, I went out into the garden and to the flower beds, I had got my gardening gloves and my secateurs from the shed and began to dead head the flowers, I gave it a lot of bending over so that he could appreciate. He took a step back and looked to me instead. His eyes fell on my ruler. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he told me, winking. “I knew she was a kinky little bitch at heart. Don’t stop on my account.” He stepped back to the front row of seats, sitting down to watch us. Lily looked back at me, as if asking for reassurance, just as the ruler impacted with her arse once more. The loud, pleasure-stricken cry she gave out suggested she really was reassured once more. I dropped the ruler, bending.

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