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" "You should have been here." I continued. "I told you I forgave you. I told you it didn't matter. The lies, the affairs, none of it mattered. You sh...uld have been here." I felt her stiffen for a second then she pulled me even tighter to her. Again her soothing words, and her smell.I could feel her breast crushed against me. I felt a feeling I hadn't felt in a long time. My hand moved upward to cup the underside of her breast. I slid my thumb along its fullness toward the nipple. I could hear. "Notice the tents," I whispered to Wanda. She giggled when she saw their baggy trunks tented in front.I don't remember their names, but for clarity I will call them Tim, Ray and Jim, the first three names that come to mind. They introduced themselves and politely exchanged handshakes. They were on leave from the Navy, which explained their short hair and fine builds. They were eighteen years old, part boy and part man. They didn't know it, but they were in the prime of their lives. There wasn't. She followed my lead frantically discarding of any material covering her mouthwatering body. I stopped for a moment to admire her breathtaking beauty. "You sure are slow for a man." Looking deep into her eyes, growling defensively I hovered myself over her body. She smirked at me proud of her comment as her hands grabbed onto my back, slightly clawing at the skin. "You want it hard?" I asked her questioningly, my deep raspy voice once again finding it's way out of my body. She nodded. Something yummy." Amy licked her fingers one by one and gazed meanfully at her father but he just seemed to pretend not to see her it was driving her crzy and she was so hot for him right now she fantisised about how big his cock would be inside of her pulsing in and out and ghot so wet " Umm.. I'm gonna go get changed into something more comfortable.." Amy said walking into her room and leaving the door open. She had these really short shorts and tight white singlet that hugged her tits .. you.

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