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I told him I will call p[police he said I can call but he will make it online he do not mind going to jail as I insulted them and all so they want rev...nge. He said his son was aware on my behavior and in urge acted like that. I said sorry I will give them money so delete it. He said no he will not leave me so easy and he need my body they want to revenge by make me rand (slut). I said no get lost I will complain. He said think till 12.00 night if ok message him else I can call police as he is. ’ ‘You want me to help you?’ he asked with a mock leer. ‘I think you better see to dinner,’ I retorted with a grin. Dinner was wonderful and Lucien refused to let me help with anything. He was very attentive and was in such a humorous mood, I was laughing all through dinner. After dinner, he made tea for me and told me to sit and relax while he cleaned up the kitchen. ‘Lucien, let me help. You’ve done everything tonight.’ ‘Just relax. Tonight is yours and you’re not supposed to do anything.’. We walked into her apartment and she locked the door behind us. She took my hand and led me to the sofa. We sat and she kissed me. It wasn’t just an ordinary kiss, either. She used her tongue and she put her hand on my jeans zipper. I was already hard and she rubbed my cock through the denim. Her other hand pulled my hand and put it on her breast.“Chad,” she said, “I’ve wanted to kiss you for months now. Months!”She kissed me some more, our tongues mixing together. I knew something about. Janey didn't look much better: she was trembling from crown to heel, herbody a collection of tight little knots. It was mainly the cold, but Daveknew she was frightened too ? terrified in fact. Nor could he blame her. Asense of urgency was slinking into his mind, a foreboding of impendingdisaster. They had to get out of this cyclone, right now, this minute, andthey couldn't waste any more time waiting for some bus that may never come.Something bad was approaching, he was certain of that now..

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