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Grabbing hold of Annette we kissed in a frenzied manner as she moved backwards towards the opposite end of the sofa, as I followed her I had my hands ...p her skirt and was soon rubbing the front of her knickers as I licked her nipples she gave a quiet moan. I knelt on the floor, as she had done with me, and pulled her knickers down, doing what she did to me I was soon buried between her legs, fingering her pussy and licking her clitoris, she moaned.As I knelt there Mr. Chamber’s was licking my. .I think I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a very long time.” I felt a single tear drop roll down my cheek and he lightly kissed it away while holding the sides of my face. He continued to kiss my neck and jaw as he slipped off my blouse to expose my breasts enclosed within my lacey black bra. He slid his fingers up my body sending tingles to my pussy and raising all the little hairs on my arms. He drew me close to my body as he began to take off my bra. I could feel him. As Steven stepped in front of the window he was struck dumb, hands downthe most beautiful woman he had ever seen in person was standing just afew feet, and a glass door away. "Holy crap, what is SHE doing working ina hidden away window like this? She should be a super model orsomething!" said Steven, with his jaw still scraping the cobblestones infront of him. This woman was Steven's dream girl, 5'0", extremely petitebut with full D cup breasts, sitting high on her chest in defiance ofgravity.. As no one was allowed to see it until the un-vailing. "You Holyness" the chairmaker whispered "I have preformed a mirical in getting your new fine chair here and in doing so, I had to beg and spend every last cent I had to finish this. My family and I haven't eaten for two days so if you could settle up the account, I would....." "Take this man away" he shouted to the guards "This is your contrubution little man!"Escorted outside, the doors closed behind him with a nip in the air that snow.

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