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As I said, the people on Wadi don't really think about that much. Admittedly other than the fact that the fish in this ocean will try to eat you, the ...lanet is a bit of a paradise. And on many of the islands there would be a limit to what you can set op. We do have rather extensive gardens, and have even ended up giving away some seeds as we had more than we knew (Mei was carrying fifte pounds, not the twenty she told Erica and I she had. At least that means we have been able to plant more. Of. " So!" Helena changed the subject abruptly. "Are you going to sing, or not?" Sing."It was only women of the 'upper strata' of society who would be admitted to the Centre. Obviously, that was about power and influence; women from poorer elements could be easily dealt with. If the family did not want to apply suitable discipline, or if they fell foul of the law, there was always the slave block, or involuntary servitude in a less considerate milieu than the Centre. Where there was no-one to care,. What are the chances... of an old fart like me... maybe... ummm... taking you out to dinner?"Jill starts to giggle. "For someone like you, Norm?.. I'd say the chances of that happening are right around... 100%."Norm laughs as Jill giggles. "Would I be pushing my luck if asked what my chances are of... say... taking you up to a room after dinner?"Jill laughs and giggles as she tells him, "Hmmm... Let me think... after you've been so nice and taken me out to dinner? Your chances of getting me. ............ All this made me wet... I wanted some stiff hard cocks to fill me up....Exposing, displaying and strangers playing with my young body -- gave me a strong kick.............My body was responding well ..It gave me new level of pleasure....... I loved strangers touching my body........Audience participation made me more and more horny....Every session would make me experience multiple orgasms....My body was always demanding some stiff hard cock to fill me up and pound.

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