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.oh nothing, just I haven't known normal in quite some time." I said. She giggled too and said "I know, you've undergone quite the experience, but it ...s for your own good really." And then I started to think, why was able to act normal now? Sure I liked looking like a female now, but I thought I was well trained to be completely obedient to my Mistress and Master, but at this very moment, it was different. Like I was just another one of the girls. An hour passed of tv watching and she got up,. .."So!" She said, getting both herself and them on track. "Like I said, I've been thinking about this. Ai, while you may UNDERSTAND that we're leaving and will be back, your mind or body may not. Thus, we have to find a way to keep Bill here after he leaves."Bill looked at her."I'm not sure I can afford to hire a bum to impersonate me at school for the WHOLE year." Nothing that elaborate! Where's your computer?" Up stairs ... but that would involve moving..." He squeezed both shoulders again,. Her short skirt allowed me to see almost all the way to her panty.They spoke a few words to each other then the man began studying some papers, business I suppose. I was carefully avoiding staring directly at her, making the most of sideways glances and brief looks as I turned my head. She was sitting with her knees slightly spread, when to my delight she spread her legs. I still could only see her right leg but now I had this wonderful view of her inner thigh and just a peek of blue panties.. It was no ordinary hypnotism.? Ariane?s very eyelids were being held; Martinwas leaning over her and forcing them to stay open with his other hand.? Virtually every other part of her body wasalready immobilised.? She was sat in achair which had fitted metal bands around her arms and legs and a thicker oneencasing her waist.? Her head was fixedin a clamp which fastened around the sides and attached to the chair?sheadrest; and she was gagged by a cloth.?She was still dressed in the nightie she.

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