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Life was good except in summer when it is so hot here you can fry an egg on a car. JC my buddy was always talking about black chicks and the gangster ...ap models in those 50 cent videos'. JC is a wigger and I am a preppy but we are roomies in High School and he is tops.JC took me to a few teen clubs and got us invited to parties. I meet Nicole Brown and damn my cock almost exploded. Nicole is a very fair skinned black girl and a white boys dream, she looks a lot like a rap star, slim, busty,. Nicole giggled again. There was a pause and she cocked her head to one side."So, you've just watched me doing one of the most intimate things I can, what do I get?"I had been expecting this. "What do you want?" Well, since you ask, I'd like to see your penis," Nicole replied, holding my gaze. "And in case you think that you're going to refuse, I'd like to point out that if I don't get to see it I'll report you for making inappropriate advances in the work place and you'll get fired." Then she. I pulled him back to the tub, turning it back on, and began removing his clothes for him. He stood awkwardly, as I unbuttoned his shirt, my hands like balls of lightning, seemed to shock him any time they came into contact with his skin. He would twitch, or jump at the contact. His chest was lightly covered in graying hair, his pecs solid and muscular, his abdomen taut and shaped with a v along his hips. He was the perfect specimen of a man. And I wanted him more than ever. Dad was. Samjhe? Mai bola ji bhabhi samajh gaya phir ek karara thapad gall par maine kaha na tumhare samne tumhari malkin mai bola ji malkin toh bhabhi boli aaj ke baad mere gulam ban ke rehna verna mai tumhara kya hal karungi ye tum achi tarah jaan gaye hoge.mai bola ji malkin mai hamesha aapka gulam ban ke rahunga.Phir bhabhi boli chalo ab pani leke aao or mere pairo ko bhi saaf karo tumhara ganda khoon mere pairo pe lage hai mai bhabhi k pairo ko dhone k liye paani lene gaya or apna chehra bhi saaf.

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